The Stone Institute


Together   Dawn slowly Arrives. The Sun Caresses the Sky. Wet Dew Crystals cling to Blades of Grass. Waves of Brightly Colored Flowers cover the Field. Crisp Cool Breezes Chills their Skin.   She Smiles. She Thinks. And Thinks Again. Their Future is Obscure. Carefree Clouds Dance in the Sky. The Sunshine warms the Present Moment.   He Watches her Smile. He Thinks. And Thinks Again. The Past is Gone. Leaves Rain from the... Read More
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The Fisherman

The Fisherman   What harm Could come? A simple Question that Appears To have a Simple Answer. Words are Not Perfect. Answers are Not Perfect. Logic exists in Many Forms. Rational and Irrational. Speak a Truth. Hear a Lie. False News. Twisted Facts. Modifiers that Modify Illusion. Fear that which Does not Exist. Doubt the All Of It. Reach for Something Greater. Beseech a Higher Power for Clarity. Watch the Sun. Feel the Moon. The... Read More
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I Miss You

I Miss You   What happened? Paradise was In our Grasp? You are My Torch. Your Warmth makes Me feel Safe. Your soft Skin is Tender. Your hands Hold me Tight. When fear Made me Cry, You Held me Close. Your Smile. Your Laughter. Your Kindness and Love. You make Me Happy. Awakening to Your Face brings Desire               For Authenticity.   The Sun Comes Up and Returns to... Read More
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