The Stone Institute

Perhaps Not

Perhaps Not   Perhaps Not. Legions of Nay Sayers Ride. They Attack any Thought Inconsistent with the Great Strategy. Let the Masses Decide.   Terror is not Natural. It is Manufactured in Factories. Poverty Creates Desperation. People with No Way Out.   Snatching a Child from the Jowls of Hell is Not Enough. They have no Sense of Humanness. They will only Fend for Themselves.   Terror is not Natural. It is Manufactured... Read More
at Tuesday, March 13, 2018
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Seed In Humanity

Seed In Humanity   How do We Grow? A Seed finds Shelter. Burrows Deep into Earth. North Winds Gust. Southern Winds Follow. Cold Gives way to Warm. Blue Skies. Sunshine. Overcast Gray Skies. Rain. Cold Dry Gives way to Humid Moist. Darkness. Germination. Soil Prevents Growth. Tenacity Prevails. Roots Form. Exposure to Compost. Nourishment. Realization Overcomes Unawareness. Flower. Weed. Reach for the Sky. Petulance. Disease. ... Read More
at Tuesday, March 6, 2018
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Lonely?   A Mysterious Voice Comes in the Night. Soft whispers of Agony. She is Frightened, Crying, and Hurting. Weak with despair. No one Knows her Pain.   A Solo Flight of a Swan is Lonely, A Duckling with no Mother is Alone. A Tree whose Leaves Have Fallen is Lonely, A Flower with no Sunlight is Alone.   A Vacant Home is Lonely, A Child without Parents is Alone. A Church without a Congregation is Lonely, A Priest without God is... Read More
at Thursday, February 22, 2018
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