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Have you ever watched a fire burn?

Have you ever watched a fire burn? One night, I built a fire in my back yard. I watched the fire burn the bark from sticks, limbs and logs. I was mesmerized by sparks dancing in the dark. It seemed as if they played a never ending game of mystical tag. Your it...Your it. The charcoal became hot and white. The fire had settled and wasn't going to travel. It sat. Hot but tame. Sparks no longer leaped through the air. In the cool, brisk, dew laden morning only cold ashes and char... Read More
Posted by Kevin Merigian at Tuesday, January 5, 2016
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King Is Reborn

King Is Reborn I have Wondered the Earth in Search of a Place called Home. It is a Place I Dream about. I See it With my Heart. It has been a Long Journey Filled with Hopes and Despair. I Know the Destiny of the True Self can Never be Forgotten. Can we Really Know who we Are? Can we Really Share the Darkness and Light of Our Inner Soul With Our Conscious Mind? We Can at Home. Our Real Self hides in Uncharted Caves in the Unconsciousness. It is Frightened by the Evil Shadows of Judgment. It... Read More
Posted by Kevin Merigian at Monday, January 4, 2016
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