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Category: Poetry

Convince Me

Convince Me   I look in the Mirror. Tell me I’m Beautiful. One More Time. Convince me.   I look in the Mirror. Remember me in my Adolescence? I remember. Convince me.   I look in the Mirror. Who could Love Me? I have Nothing but Flab. Convince me.   I look in the Mirror. Physical scars are often Painless. Emotional scars are always Painful. Convince me.   I look in the Mirror. Don’t Touch... Read More
at Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Daedalus   Messages from the Ether Rain Down during Chaos. Man struggles to find Meaning. Where does the Raven Fly next? Daedalus was the Labyrinth Master. No one Offers the Truth. They offer Their Truth. Who is the Judge? Righteousness is filled with Fear. Gnosis lives in the Oak. Flowers never Weep when they Die. Wild Vines know no Boundaries. Make another Doubt Their Self. Shatter any Hope of Recovery. Ashes blow in the Wind. Dust... Read More
at Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Your Sins

Your Sins   Water cannot Wash away Your Sins. Transgressions against the Divine, Scar the Spirit. Wound the Soul.   A ny Thought Endangering Love, Any Action Endangering Love, Pierces the Heart of God.   Ideal Relationships exist Between Mankind. Diversion from Ideal are Commonplace. The Supreme Order for a Human Covenant Bleeds.   Steps to Heal are Uncommon. Any True Journey to Recovery is Crooked and Long. Egos must be... Read More
at Tuesday, May 22, 2018