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  Exhale   Hold your Breath. Feel the Tension Rise. Exhale. Hold your Breath again. Feel the Tension Rise. Hold it. Longer. Exhale. Rhythmic Waves Soothe the Shoreline. Some Large, some Small. Never-the-less They Continue. No One Knows the Pattern of Life. Every Lives in the Pattern of Life. Anyone who's Intentional Action Disturbs the Pattern, Disorder will Find Them. Malevolence in All its Forms, Thrives in Chaos. Evil... Read More
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A Mother's Day

As she Contemplates the Birth of her Baby, She Wondered what Having a Child would Mean. It’s not the Fear of having Someone to Depend on You, It’s the Fear of being Alone. When Men and Women unite, Creation is an Uncertain Outcome. The miracle-of-a-child has its Seed within the Female Body. Once born, a Child needs a Mother. A mother is not Gender Bound. Motherhood is not the Essence of Womanhood, For Women are not Obligated to bear Children. The... Read More
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Rescue Me

Rescue Me   My mind walks alone in darkness. Desperate for a warm embrace. I hold my heart tight. The crisp cool night air blows through my hair. Hidden memories of affection fill my senses. I desperately walk to remote areas of my brain. Remembering sacred secrets of love, and fulfillment of instinctual needs. Short-lived physical pleasures give way to loneliness.  Over and over again, Am I alone?   As time passes, emotional distance grows.... Read More
Posted by Kevin Merigian at Tuesday, May 2, 2017 | 0 comments
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