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Do you Feel the Sunlight? Gray Clouds bring Rain to Nourish the Soil. Flowers hear the Call of Spring. Birds Dance in the Currents of Cool Breezes. Witness the Cycle of Rebirth. Today is not the Same as Yesterday. This Spring is not the Same as Last Spring. Nature’s Harmony has a New Melody. Not the Melody of Last Year or Past Years. What was Known before is not Pertinent to Today. New Day in a New Season in a New Cycle. The Equation of Rebirth has... Read More
at Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Death Called

Night is Quiet for the Last Time. The Phone Call came Late In the Unsuspecting Darkness of Slumber. An Unfamiliar voice Uttered Devastation. Your Child Died Tonight. I’m Sorry. Perhaps a Terrible Dream, a Nightmare. Terror sends Shock Waves through Flesh and Bones. How? does not Matter. Why? does not Matter. When? does not Matter. Only What Matters. Death Called. A Hammer Blow to the Soul. Shards of Glass deeply Lacerates the Spirit. Demons of... Read More
at Tuesday, February 5, 2019
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The Battle Continues. Take Hold of Your Words. Sacred Vows hold Through Earthquakes. Some Bonds cannot be Broken. Time does not Heal Emotional Unrest. Good Deeds seldom Scrape off the Scabs. Golden Gifts seer The Heart with Doubt. Worthiness is Replaced with Worthlessness. Ego Transforms into a Shadow of Vice. A Soldier for the Dark Side Emerges. A Mission to Right a Wrong, That was Never Wrong.   Malicious Spirits come in Many Silhouettes. They... Read More
at Tuesday, January 29, 2019
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