The Stone Institute

A Mother's Day

As she Contemplates the Birth of her Baby,
She Wondered what Having a Child would Mean.
It’s not the Fear of having Someone to Depend on You,
It’s the Fear of being Alone.
When Men and Women unite,
Creation is an Uncertain Outcome.
The miracle-of-a-child has its Seed within the Female Body.
Once born, a Child needs a Mother.
A mother is not Gender Bound.
Motherhood is not the Essence of Womanhood,
For Women are not Obligated to bear Children.
The Child wonders “Are Things Safe?”
A Child will only Know
What their Mother Knows.
When a Mother Criticizes,
A Child learns to Condemn.
When a Mother is Hostile,
A Child learns to Fight.
When a Mother Ridicules,
A Child learns to be Shy.
When a Mother Shames,
A Child learns to feel Guilty.
When a Mother is Tolerant,
A Child learns to be Patient.
When a Mother gives Encouragement,
A Child learns Confidence.
When a Mother gives Praise,
A Child learns to Appreciate.
When a Mother is Fair,
A Child learns Justice.
When a Mother is Secure,
A Child learns to have Faith.
When a Mother gives Approval,
A Child learns to be Themselves.
When a Mother gives Acceptance and Friendship,
A Child learns to find Love in the World.
The Spirit of a Child lives Forever,
The Love of a Mother is Everlasting.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © 2000

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