The Stone Institute

Agent for the Divine

Can we Walk any Closer to Edge of Nature?
Abundance has Left us over Stimulated.
Emotion Drives our Internal System.
Our thoughts are mere Adaptations to our Random Encounters.
We Bump into Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites and People.
They all Have the Capacity to Serve us or to Kill us.
Which will it be?
We must cut a way that which lingers.
Plan, Think and Reinforce the Walls of Consciousness.
Discernment is the Key to Health and Longevity.
If One's Soul is Chosen by the Sacred to take Up the Sword of Righteousness,
And Planted In the Soil of Mankind.
They will have No Choice but to be True to Themselves and Others.
The Same is True for the Sinister.
And all That is Born In-Between.
Physical Forms Follow the Divine Fractal Pattern of Life.
We all Emanate from the Same Source Equation.
Iterations of the Same Different Pattern of Duality.
Storm Clouds Signal every Unseen Element that Requires Pruning.
Dimensions are Trimmed by the Holy.
Ultimately Nature Knows No Mercy.
She merely Serves as an Agent for the Divine.
Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © May 2016
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