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Another Day

Another Day


I approached a Path Worn by the Souls of Many Others.

It lead to a Place I Recognized so Long ago.

The Air was Stagnant.

Each Blade of Grass, each Stem, each Leaf Felt Cold.

Questions Surrounding the World of Illusion Returned.

The Stage was the Same, It was Populated with New Characters.

Find the Aspect of my Life that I haven't Lived.

I will not Fight to Fit in an Unfit World.

The Ground Beneath my Feet Rumbles.

Our World Is only an Illusion Choice.

As the Stars Change in our Lives,

Those who are Afraid hide from the Truth.

The Inner-Self is Sheltered by Walls which seem Alive and Free.

Entrapments of a World we Cannot Understand.

Our Authentic Inner-Self is Buried Within the Wreckage of the Past.

I choose to Find that Which is Mine.

Live by Divine Rules.

Look Past My Tribal Beliefs.

Fairness does not Exist.

I will Pick-Up the Pace.

Every Newly forged Step holds a Blessing of Another Day.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © March 2017

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 10:07 AM
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