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Are All Things Made To Be Broken?

Are All Things Made To Be Broken?


Returning to winter leaves me still.

I see images of life that warm my heart.

Why are things made to be broken?

If I open my heart,

How fragile will my soul be?


I want her to know me.

To what end does this journey hold?

One eye can see but has no depth.

Two eyes can behold God.


One hand can feel the world,

Two hands together can touch the heart.

One body lies alone.

Two bodies join to ignite the soul.

Words spoken in thought find no ears.

Listening to another paints our reflection.


Where does heaven begin?

Earth seems so distant.

There is no such unknown, only that which is Fractal.

Dreams allow my spirit to sing.

The harmony of our union was supposed to echo God's love.


Her absence closes the pathway open to my heart.

The vacancy is filled with my eyes closed.

Silence is filled with the ripples of despair.

My heart dwells in the temples of separation.

Remembering days past haunts me.

My suffering continues.


Why can I not stop the emotions?

Why do these vanished days secretly gather?

Why does the memory of her scent continue to visit my every breath?

Each groove of thought has traces of her touch.

I try to sift through our past.

What belongs and what doesn't?


Why has God allowed me to eat from the tree of love and creation?

God's garden has beautiful flowers.

Are they nourished by fertile soil suitable for spiritual growth?

God is sweet. Ambrosia sweet.

Somehow God's presence has sprouted roots.

These strings of life have formed a mesh of nerves attached to my heart.

Each one fuses with my joy and pain.

I have realized the true nature of individuality.

It is Unconditional Love for another.

My longing for her in absence keeps her spirit near.


Are all things truly made to be broken?

Why has God forsaken me?

Why has God forsaken all of us?


Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian, © 7 January 2011

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 10:26 AM
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