The Stone Institute




Strong Gusts of Southern Warm Wind

Strip the Trees of their Leaves.

A thick Blanket of the Random Brown

Collective Covers the Ground.

Each Leaf that Kept its Authenticity,

Floated down the Left Hand Path.


Walk along the Dry Creek Bed.

Follow the Water's Trail.

It Leads to the Collective.

Rivers give way to Oceans.

Each drop of Water Contributes.

Each drop Blends In.

Within the Confluence, A Drop

That maintained its Authenticity

Flowed through the Left Hand Path.


Be Aware.

The Left Hand Path Surrounds Us.

Walk It with Confidence.

The Right Hand Path Outnumbers Us.

Wear the Masks:

            Wrath Will Not Protect You.

            Pride Will Not Save You.

            Sloth Will Not Restore You.

            Gluttony Will Not Fulfill You.

            Greed Will Not Reward You.

            Envy Will Not Calm You.

            Lust Will Not Love You.


Light the Candle.

Do not Block Its Radiance.

Walk It with Confidence.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © November 2017

Posted by Amanda Sanders at 11:59 AM
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