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Be The Artist

The idea of evil seems to be on the mind of many people these days. One man's evil is another man's good. I have seen evil, or what I believe is evil too many times in my life. I often wonder why evil exists? Some believe there are excuses for people to behave in an evil manner. Years ago, during a national forensic conference, I heard a prominent forensic psychologist explain the evil known as Jeffery Dahmer. I am still not satisfied with his explanation.

Truman Capote, the great writer, grew up poor in a New Orleans neighborhood and lived like many other children in his era, poor, mistreated and hungry as a church mouse. He went through harsh times, but ultimately made something of himself, something good. He knew a man his age who had a similar childhood who became a serial killer. Truman wanted to find out what exact moment in his life separated him from evil or turned a man reared similar to him into a psychopath. Rumor has it Truman went mad in his last twenty-years trying to find that one sentinel moment that separated his life from a life of misdeeds, crime and killing. What made people evil?

I believe evil can creep into the garden of life if the soil has been tilled and enriched to receive it and nurture it. The soil must be fertile with despair and misery. There must be a long loveless draught and no beacons of light to follow in anyway. All that surrounds the garden are desolation and isolation from the self and the community. Barren minds open to anything other than that which is present regardless of the risk.

When evil flourishes, it takes extreme measures to remove it. It is as infectious as swamp fever or black water flu. It grows and consumes all things in all ways. It cannot be controlled with a simple spray of evilcide. It must be dug up, roots exposed, separated from the earth and thrown far away into a land of abundance and love. It will not survive there. The fruit of evil must be redeemed or executed, for evil knows no purposed other than itself. It will not rise and make all others rise with it, it will rise and drown everyone else in sorrow and pain. It is the antithesis of feeding the masses so that all will be fed; it is the antithesis of educating all of the people so that tolerance and communication can flow and flourish; it is the antithesis of allowing all the voices to be heard so that one voice can speak for us all.

Evil begets evil. Good smites evil. Evil does not coexist with good, evil pollutes good. But if evil comes, it must be relieved of its purpose, for if not, those with no spirit will lose their soul to it and another life will be lost forever. We cannot afford to lose one life much less another and another and another.

In order to leave the world a better place, we must work hard to better each place big or small, rich or poor. To that end, we must find the ugly and restore it to beautiful. We must find the ignorant and teach wisdom. We must find the impoverished and make wealth. We must look to find those children who have no hope, who sit in the lap of evil and give them a way out. That is our purpose as humans. That is our mission. That is our calling. I ask everyone who reads my thoughts to consider leaving behind what was standing - And grow what couldn't be grown.

Be the Artist that changes the world, one human being at a time.

Kevin Sam "Kiki" Merigian © March 2017

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:06 AM
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