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Beauty, Goodness & Truth

Beauty, Goodness and Truth

Her feet Burn as She Navigates
The Heat Soaked Sandy Beach.
Her Skin is no Longer Soft and Pale
As the Scorching Sun Bakes her Body.
Her Thirst is Never Quenched as
She Continues Her Journey to Nowhere.
She Hurries only to Find
Her Impatience Creates more Anxiety.
She Cannot See what Everyone Else
Who Lives near the Ocean of Life Knows.
She Cannot Feel the Wonderment
Of the Sublime Complexities of Nature.
It is not Important to Her because she is Egocentric
Focused on the Here and Now.
Fearing Nature cannot Free Her,
It merely Serves to Imprison Her.
Giant Silver Szablas Surround this Blindfolded Woman,
Who Remains Lifeless on the Sandy Shore.
She Cannot Heal while her Umbilical Chord
Remains Attached to Her Restrictions.
It is the Easy Way.
It is the Safe Way.
It is an Unforgiving Way.
She Cannot Consider any Variation
That may Unfold more Reality.
Beauty, Goodness and Truth only Comes
To Those Who have the Dedication and Courage to Find
Beauty, Goodness and Truth.

She is the Eight of Swords.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © October 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 10:04 AM
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