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Cosmic Tree Of Life

Cosmic Tree of Life

The Great Cosmic Tree of Life Grows
On a Sacred Mountain.
The Soil is Rich from the Decay of Life Before.
Generations have been Born and Died
While the Tree Lives Eternal.
Tears of Sadness Water the Tree.
Agony and Tragedy Befall all who Live
An Authentic Life.
The Rays of Sunlight Illuminate the Tree.
Bliss and Happiness Lifts our Spirits
As We Enjoy the Pleasures of Life.
All Elation is Intertwined with The Suffering Through
A New Day.
Hold Hands and Sing to Celebrate the Tree.
It’s Roots Run Deep and Connect all That Is Living.
It Bears no Fruit.
It’s Leaves Breath with All Humanity,
In Synchrony and In Harmony.
It is Shadowless and Provides no Shade.
There is no Place to Hide.
There is no Place to Proclaim.
Only the Tree sways in the Winds of Change.
Man seldom Survives the Gusts of Chaos.
Institutions Die Out in the Midst of Corruption.
The Survivors Wander until They Find:

The Great Cosmic Tree of Life Growing
On the Sacred Mountain.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © October 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:52 AM
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