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Dreams of Angels

Dreams of Angels

With Dreams of Angels as my Guide,
I Searched the Heavens for the Place to call Home.
Many years ago I believed I could find Peace There.
Along the Journey of my Bewildered Self,
Much Feminine Energy has Befriended me.

Seeing only With my Eyes Closed,
I Dreamed of Angels Surrounding me.
Soft skin Cloaked their Finely Proportioned Bodies.
Tender to the Touch.
With the Moonlight Warming their Spirit,
They Appeared Joyous as they Danced Naked between the Trees.
Seldom did They Remove their Clothes.
They did not Wear any.
They were not Afraid of Knowing the Simple Truth.
Their Freedom was Related to Their Authenticity.

Listening only With my Ears,
I Dreamed of Angels Surrounding me.
Their Words of Love echoed Loudly in the Deep, Dark Caverns of my Mind.
They Whispered Softly, Hiding their True Intentions.
Their Mendacious Songs of Affection Soothed my Loneliness.
The Morning Sun always Burned away the Fog of Deception.
Reality Returned when the Dreams were Over.
Another Connection Disconnected.

When Fragrant Aromas Engrossed my Thoughts,
I Dreamed of Angels Surrounding me.
Pleasing the Vast Populations of Olfactory Drones,
I thought I Knew the Scent of Woman.
Passionate odors Evoke Strong Primitive Impulses
That Override the Staying Power of the Prefrontal Cortex.
The Unfamiliar Taste of the Sacred is Fleeting.
Ancient Essential Oils ooze From their Skin.
But their True Self Remained Shackled
As They Danced in the Fire's Light.

With Dreams of Angels as my Guide,
I Searched the Heavens for the Place to call Home.
As each Angelic Illusion Held my Hand,
Kissed my Lips,
Caressed my Soul,
The Truth of Love Remained a Mystery.
With each Step Closer to the Divine,
I was Met by Another Whose Darkened Past
Crawled Out of their Deep Memory.
They Revealed their Scars of Frequent Reconstruction.
They Remained Chained to the Wreckage of their Traumas.
Their Greed, Jealousy, and Guilt lead to
Isolation, Sadness, Depression and Sorrow.

The Illusion of Love Fades as the Light of Dusk Emerges.
Their Exaggerated Desire for Materialistic Gain
Eroded the Shores of their True Selves.
The Rising Waters of Self induced Emotional Misery
Flooded all the remaining crevices of Hope for enlightenment.
Fears oozed Through the Pores of their Skin,
As they Sweat the Realities of Uncertainty.
Knowing Them for Who they Were,
Loving them for Who they Were Not.

Angels Embodied the Reality of My Demons.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian ¬© 2006 edited November 2015                        

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:03 AM
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