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Find Another's Place

Find Another’s Place

Everyone Suffers From their Past.
Life's Wreckage comes in all Dimensions: Great and Small.
It is Inescapable. Breathing Leads to Suffering of One Kind or Another.
The Rain of Abandonment Showers us Daily.
Some find Simple ways to View their Tragedies.
Others create more Complex ways to Feel Safe in an Unsafe World.
Are we Here to Live their Storm with Them?
Is Anyone Here to Live our Storm with Us?

As you Walk with Another’s Hand in Yours,
Do you Know their Deepest Fear?
Do you Want to Know them? Really Know Them?
Perhaps they are Blind to the Demon that Thrives in their Chaos.
Their Personal Fiend Hiding in the Shadows of Their mind.
Their Inner Self Denies The Truth.
The Path to a Different Understanding
Needs Love to Show another Way.

If you Carry the Torch and Make it Safe,
They will Challenge You with All Their Might.
Unsolicited Advice is Mere Criticism to Those who are Blind.
When you Welcome their Suffering into Your Heart,
You will Feel Their Pain Without the Benefit of Living Through It.
Their Life will Separate from You or
They Will Drown You in Their Sea of Delusion.
It is an Agonizing Death for Those who cannot See.
The Emotional Cost for Finding the Lost
And Returning Them to the Found is Enormous.

Joined with Someone’s Ache and Despair,
You will Create your Own Personal Hell.
Emptiness will Take Root in Your Soul.
Your Spirit will be Caged in Remorse and Sadness.
Are you Really Ready for the Thunder Storms?
Clouds will Come and Eclipse the Sun.
Grass Grows while Your Suffering grows Denser.
A Time Comes when You Cannot Hold Their Hand Anymore.
Their Pain has Infected Your Light.
You will Lose Your Way in the Quest for the Holy Grail.

Flowers know How to Pray to a Separate God.
They Do Not Judge Those who Take their Life.
They Give it Freely and Live for Others
To View their Splendor and Short Lived Vitality.
Be Aware of the Love in Your Soul.
It will Betray you When you Use it to
Light Another’s way to Independence,
Especially if they Do not Want Freedom.
Most Prefer to Be Chained to The Devil
In the Pale Moon Light.

Are you Really Ready to Be Chained with Them?
Are You the Flower the Springs Eternal?

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © 2000 edited 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 10:22 AM
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