The Stone Institute

I wanted to touch you

I wanted to touch you.
Watching you watching me.
Do you know me? Really know me?
Have you watched the five moons?
Perhaps you wonder about the sixth one.
The stars seem closer in the dark.
Birds rest their wings as they sleep.
Fairies dance between the shadows.
Laughter fills the air with a funny smell.
Your lips become thin as you smile.
Touch me as I want to touch you.
Your hands are warm.
Please don’t hurt me as I explore.
No one knows my love.
You have your own to share.
No judgements about the past.
Nothing to stop the future.
What’s here now is real.
Time reflects movement through space.
If we could just stand still.
If you could just step inside my mind.
You would see the way we are.
The path is littered with fallen friends.
Only the selfish are homeless.
There is no fork in the road.
It travels in both directions
But you can never go back.
Now that the frost has melted,
The decay will give way to new growth.
The sounds of freedom ring in my heart.
Only those with anger fear me.
If you could just step inside my mind,
You would make love with my thoughts.
I want to touch you as you have touched me.
Do you know me? Really know me?
If you do, what’s my name?

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 9:54 AM
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