The Stone Institute

I was rescued by a woman

My heart cried one last time.
Black mold choked out my prime.
Sadness was always just a shadow away.
Smothering didn’t seem so bad that day.
Heat from each new tragedy,
Seared all of my old maladies.
There just didn’t seem
To be any other way.
I was rescued by a woman.
But trouble never found relief.
I was rescued by a woman.
She was alone and scared to see,
With no place to go, no place to be.
I was hurt and shattered too.
With nowhere to grow, no place to flee,
The walls came tumbling down.
Death brings change for the living,
I just can’t stop the giving,
I was rescued by a woman.
God knows nothing of my fate,
I am headed for the Golden gate,
Never to return to living in this sea of lies.
She was younger than the age of Heaven,
She factored in the rule of seven,
She laughed at all the demons that had died.
I was rescued by a woman.

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 10:15 AM
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