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I'm smiling at you gramma

The light from the lampshade
Illumines only what’s beneath.
I discovered a piece of my life
That was beyond the enlightened boundaries.
Every step along my path has lead to finding
Past events lived by others.
Each new experience retells an old truth.
Choices are only opportunities to shed old skin.
As I look upon the aged love of my grandmother,
I feel the warmth that made her real.
Her spirit is kind and caring and lives forever.
She has been here many times,
A messenger of love to those who know her.
It mattered not how I laid.
She always found my true self.
As I lay ill, she healed me.
As I lay beaten, she gave me strength.
As I lay lonely, she made me feel needed.
As I lay confused, she gave me direction.
As I lay hurt, she healed me.
As I lay vengeful, she showed me forgiveness.
As I lay in pain, she comforted me.
As I lay worried, she convinced me.
As I lay wounded, she dressed me.
As I lay hungry, she nourished me.
As I lay weak, she carried me.
As she lay dying, she gives me life.
Few have really seen God in any form.
But I have lived a life with her.
Now she returns to heaven
Only to return to us again in another form.
She leaves us with her love.
Thank you for what you gave me.
I’m smiling at you gramma,
I’m smiling at you.

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 10:17 AM
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