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King Is Reborn

King Is Reborn

I have Wondered the Earth in Search of a Place called Home.
It is a Place I Dream about.
I See it With my Heart.
It has been a Long Journey Filled with Hopes and Despair.
I Know the Destiny of the True Self can Never be Forgotten.
Can we Really Know who we Are?
Can we Really Share the Darkness and Light of Our Inner Soul
With Our Conscious Mind?

We Can at Home.
Our Real Self hides in Uncharted Caves in the Unconsciousness.
It is Frightened by the Evil Shadows of Judgment.
It Yearns to be Loved and Nurtured by the Moon.
It Wants to be Protected and Nourished by the Sun.
As I Gaze at the Reflection Pool of the Past,
I can Feel the Emotional Pain Inflicted by Those who have Left.
Their Ghosts Haunt Me.
Chanting Over and Over, No One Will Love You!
The Evil Never Die.
They Occupy a Space without Physical Consumption.

A Maiden has Come to Unlock the Shackles.
She is Fair and Beautiful.
She Glides through the Ethers with the Greatest Ease.
She is the Angel with Golden Wings.
She is the Moon.
What is that Force Within Her that Conquers my Demons of Old?
She Can Protect me from Those who Wish to Harm Me.
Her Loving Breasts Swell with Passion as I Breathe her Breath.
I Drink her like Water and My Thirst is not Quenched.
She is the Ray of Love that Descends from the Heavens.
She can Make Sweetness from Clay.
She Dries me from the Rains of Sorrow.

I Fall Asleep in the Cool Breeze.
It is The Season of Change.
I think I have Found Home.
The Universe has Finally Sent Her to Care to my Wounds.

The King is Reborn.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © June 2006, revised December 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 4:50 PM
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