The Stone Institute


A Mysterious Voice Comes in the Night.
Soft whispers of Agony.
She is Frightened, Crying, and Hurting.
Weak with despair.
No one Knows her Pain.
A Solo Flight of a Swan is Lonely,
A Duckling with no Mother is Alone.
A Tree whose Leaves Have Fallen is Lonely,
A Flower with no Sunlight is Alone.
A Vacant Home is Lonely,
A Child without Parents is Alone.
A Church without a Congregation is Lonely,
A Priest without God is Alone.
A Night without the Moon and Stars is Lonely,
Darkness without Light is Alone.
A Man without a Woman is Lonely
Woman without a Soul is Alone.
Lonely Heals.
Alone Leaves a Wound Forever.
Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian© February, 2018




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