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Love Knows What Love Knows

Love Knows What Love Knows.


Think of Those Delightful Thoughts.

Journeys to Foreign Lands.

Places where I Dream to Be.

The Tranquility of the Season of Giving.

Lay Down Next to the Beast.

Hold the Flame of Forgiveness.

Release the Fears of the Past.

Pave the Way for Notions of Another Realm.


Let Tenderness guide Me.

Let Openness Show Me.

Let Actions Persuade Me.

Let Knowing Find Me.

Let the Holy enter Me.

Let Peace Bring Happiness.

Love has no Universal Gender.

Love has no Judgment.

Love has no Expectations.

Love desires to be Experienced.


Can Love Blossom in the Lotus Pond?

Can Love Blossom in a Storm?

Can Love Blossom in the Dark?

Can Love Blossom in the Shadows?

Can Love Blossom without Light?

Can Love Blossom in the Blind?

Can Love Blossom in the Righteous?

Can Love Blossom after Death?

Can Love Blossom in the Past?


If there is a Crack in the Armor of My Heart,

One Small Thread of Faith Left in Mankind,

One Tiny Sliver of Desire to be Loved by Another;

It can Blossom against all Odds.


Love knows what Love Knows.


Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © November 2017

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:49 AM
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