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Piles of Fallen leaves Shift under the Influence of the Wind.
They fell without Knowing where They would Land.
Somewhere Close to their Tree of Origin.
They Blanket the Ground, Enriching the Soil.
Preparing the Earth for Another Spring.
Creek beds Swell as the Fall rains Arrive.
Overflows deliver Nutrients to Surrounding Banks.
Amphibians Prepare for the Harsh weather to Come.
Daylight shrinks as Perennials Weep.
Mother Nature has No Mercy for Those who do not Heed the Warnings.
Although She confers Grace during the Transition.
Gray Clouds fill the Sky, Blocking the Rays of Sunshine.
It is not Gloomy despite Shadows becoming Unrecognizable in the Daylight.

She does not care about the weather.
She cannot feel the cold fall breeze on her skin.
She cannot frolic through the crisp dry fallen leaves.
She cannot see the vibrant colors that glow in the daylight.
She lives in a world where people do not matter.
She wants only to survive somehow.

Maybe a warm hand will spark her humanness.
Maybe a kind word will encourage her to listen.
Maybe a soft kiss will defrost her heart.

And Maybe then Mother Nature will Care About the Seasons.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © October 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 9:31 AM
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