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How Many Times have we Followed a Path
That Lead us to a Place of Pain and Suffering?
We were not Forced to Make the Choice,
It just Happened Because They were a Stranger.
Strangers come with Many Faces.
All Shapes and Sizes.
Big and Tall, Wide and Short, Weak and Strong, Friend or Foe
Educated and Ignorant, Helpful and Harmful, Religious and Atheistic,
Gifted and Disturbed. The List goes on Forever.
When do You Really Know a Stranger?
Is it When They Reveal a Secret?
A Secret that They say No One Knows but You.
Is it When They Show Their Nakedness to You?
A Nakedness they Say No One has Ever Seen but You?
Is it When They Lend a Hand when You are Down on Your Luck?
A Hand They say They Have Never Used Before to Help Anyone?
Is it When They Whisper I Love You into Your Ear?
A Word they Say They Haven't Used Before?
When do You Really Know a Stranger?
We are All Strangers to All People.
Especially Those who Walk the Right Hand Path with Many Masks.
We are Strangers to Everyone Because
We are Strangers to Ourselves.
If you happen Upon a Stranger and
Think you Know Them, the Advantage Belongs to Them.
If you Happen Upon a Stranger and
You Know You have No Idea who They are, the Advantage Belongs to You.
We are All Strangers in an Unknown Land.
Pick Your Strategy. Know Yourself.
Walk the Left Hand Path. Embrace Being a Stranger.
Nobility may Not Be Yours.
But Your Life will Be an Interesting One.
And You Will Always Recognize a Stranger.
Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © June 2016
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