The Stone Institute




Dawn slowly Arrives.

The Sun Caresses the Sky.

Wet Dew Crystals cling to Blades of Grass.

Waves of Brightly Colored Flowers cover the Field.

Crisp Cool Breezes Chills their Skin.


She Smiles.

She Thinks. And Thinks Again.

Their Future is Obscure.

Carefree Clouds Dance in the Sky.

The Sunshine warms the Present Moment.


He Watches her Smile.

He Thinks. And Thinks Again.

The Past is Gone.

Leaves Rain from the Trees.

The Moonlight stirs his Passion.


A Man and A Woman love each Other Deeply.

They separately Revisit Their Lives.

She is First in Line to Decipher the Clues.

He is Second.

A Muse and An Artist. Married.


Who Plans the Mysteries of the Divine?

Fears give way to Tears.

Hold his Hand until his Grasp is No More.

Keep his Heart until the Beat is Gone.

Know his Thoughts until Thinking is Mute.


Who Plans the Mysteries of the Divine?

Fearlessness gives way to Security.

Remember her Love as She Uncovers her Soul.

Let her Fragile Heart Stay with You.

Hold her Until her Shaking has Ended.


Hold Hands on the Left Hand Path.

Never Look Back.

Let the Creative Guide You.

Let the Receptive Envelop You.

Together Always.


Kevin S. Merigian © August 2017

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 11:51 AM
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