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When It's Time

When It's Time

Silence Begins each New Day.
Echoes of the Past Ring Quietly throughout the Night.
Time did not Move,
And Morning came Without a Fight.

Time is A Dimension of Place that Cannot Retreat.
It Marches Beyond the Present Regardless of the Risk.
It can Plunge Deep into the Current beneath the Fall.
Crashing down on Jagged Rocks and Fallen Souls.
Sometimes it Fades into Deep, Quiet Pools of Reflection.

Eventually Transition Occurs.
Violence turns Peaceful,
Chaos turns to Order,
Enemies turn to Allies,
Evil turns to Good.
Time Cannot Heal the Wounds of Guilt or Jealousy or Greed.
Grief Metamorphosizes Little.

Time does not Wait.

It Trusts no one.
It Cannot be Possessed.
It cannot be Sold.
It cannot be Bought.
It cannot be Bargained With.
It has no Mercy.
It feels no Pain.
Time does not Suffer.

Those who worship Time die Young.
Those who wish to Turn the Clock Back die Old.

I wonder what Time will Bring to Me Today?
It will Rapidly Become my Past.
The Prison Gates of Time will Never be Unlocked.

Like a Ghost, Time May Pass You By.
It will Never Return Again.
Enjoy the Mystery at the Beginning of a New Day.

Because Time will Deny you When it's Time.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian © January 2016
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 1:58 PM
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