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White Fluffy Clouds

White Fluffy Clouds



White fluffy clouds of cotton hide the earth from our vision.

We wonder about the spirits that fly above us.

We are too high for birds to soar beyond.

The moon waits for the proper moment to shine.

Minutes give way to hours.

Conversations of many dimensions circled the airwaves.

Some are concerned about their trip and arrival time.

Connections are most important to others.

Servers walk up and down the aisles.

Attendants make small talk with anyone who will listen.

When we arrive we are off on a journey of is commencement.

Shadows of fear trail for every move.

Sometimes there is little light at the end of the tunnel.

She is unsure of her future although she climbs each stair with commitment.

White fluffy clouds hide the earth from our vision.

I am sure we are not close to heaven.

Each time she looks at me I feel heaven.

Her commencement is of a different dimension.

She has raised a family and loved a man.

That life is finished.

Now I am the recipient of her love.

She has shown me to live for a dream that I did not know.

Love has so many facets that it is difficult to grasp its vastness.

Her touch is soft and gentle.

Her voice soothes each emotional wound and scar.

Her tenderness buffers the cold and makes each dark night warm and lustful.

Each of us have benefited from her unselfish love.

She is given to those who would accept.

She holds no sorrow for those who would not.

When the waves returned to the sea, I wonder if the ocean knows they are gone.

White fluffy clouds hide the earth from our vision.

We wonder whose spirits are flying above us.

It is too high for birds to soar.

We will land soon.

We are on a journey of commencement.


Kevin S. Merigian, © May 2008, edited December 12013

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 12:31 PM
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