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Will Be Free

Will Be Free

Oh Woman of Common Descent,
Speak from Your Soul instead of Your Mind.
Your Words will be Easier to Say.
The Distance between Truth and Authenticity
Will Narrow as You Stop Embracing Dignity.
It is Not How You Speak,
It is What You Speak that Disturbs Your Spirit.
As You Clothe Yourself to Hide from
The Mystery that Lives Within,
We who Have Sight Walk Beside you,
Knowing you Only Deceive Yourself.

Your Light Cannot be Eliminated or Created.
It was a Gift From Genius.
Being One with the Extraordinary will Frighten
Those who Cannot Recognize the Exceptional.
Start your Journey Now.
Walk the Left hand Path before It's too late.
There are No Trails to Follow.
You are Unique and Have Never Walked Them Before.

There are No Shelters to Keep You Safe.
There are No Foods that can Nourish Your Soul.
There is No One who Feels Your Misery.
There is No Water that can Cleanse You.
There is No Demon that Commands You.
There are No Words that Can Sooth You.

A Voice lives In the Valleys of the Innocent.
It is More Than a Weeks Walk Away.
It is Calming to Your Soul.
It will Sing to You when You Hear It.
It will Heal your Brokenness.
You will Dance Forever Naked in the Sunshine.
No One from Your Past will Recognize you.

You will Unfold into the Holy Receptive,
The Divine Feminine will Anoint You,
And The Mystifying Voice will Know and Love You.
Finally You Will Be Free.

Kevin S. "Kiki" Merigian© November 2015
Posted by Kevin Merigian at 10:40 AM
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