The Stone Institute

Your Sins

Your Sins
Water cannot Wash away Your Sins.
Transgressions against the Divine,
Scar the Spirit. Wound the Soul.
Any Thought Endangering Love,
Any Action Endangering Love,
Pierces the Heart of God.
Ideal Relationships exist Between Mankind.
Diversion from Ideal are Commonplace.
The Supreme Order for a Human Covenant Bleeds.
Steps to Heal are Uncommon.
Any True Journey to Recovery is Crooked and Long.
Egos must be Crucified.
Leave your Ownership at the Starting Line.
Nurture your Body with Nature.
Cultivate your Mind with the Holy.
The Supreme will Embrace You.
Life will Honor You.
Passion will Fulfill You.
Water Will not Wash away your Sins.
Step Carefully.
You Cannot Return.
Get Moving.
Time continues.
Kevin S. “Kiki” Merigian © May 2018
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