The Stone Institute

2D Art

Merigian has created a vast variety of two dimensional art. His abstract expressionistic paintings are mostly acrylic on canvas. He has painted colorful naked women and continues to expand his inventory. He has carved wood blocks and used them to images in paper. He has a number of syringe paintings and ink washes as well as water colors.

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The goal of each work of art is to explore the unforeseen harmonies of bright, bold color as they seek to find settlement, just as each of us attempts to find answers to the emotional, metaphysical and physical forces in our lives. The Ego seeks to have power over experience, to control all events and consequences associated with those events. The Soul's wish is to gain power through experience, no matter what that may be. Works of two dimensional art are in and of themselves adventures into the unknown. Contrary to society's social architecture, there are no forced arrangements in his paintings. Those who view his works will find that the overall projection incorporates an emphasis of individual detail that contributes to the whole. The holonistic hierarchies of nature are well-represented. He has tried to capture the necessary randomness of emergent systems through fractal forms. Observers draw upon their personal experiences to interpret the art in whatever capacity is available to them. Their findings and conclusions expose their own internal emotional forces that relate to their personal world view and expression of their Soul. It will not be that of the artist.