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3D Art

Sculpture is a three dimensional art form. It can take the character of a figure, human or animal, bust or abstract form. Almost any medium can be used to create sculpture. The spectrum includes, but is not limited to, paper mache, fabric, plaster, steel, wood, clay, mixed media, stone, marble and bronze. There is the functional aspect of sculpture which includes furniture, ceremonial pieces, altars, candelabras, light fixtures, fountains and memorials. There is the ornamental perspective in which a piece is adorned for its aesthetic beauty. And there is the sculpture which fits into the sublime category.

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Sculpture is a manifestation of emotion in three dimension; it should elicit an emotion from the viewer. Humans feel first and think second. We feel therefore we are.

It is my mission to provoke the Spirit of humanness in accord with nature. Fractal patterns with iteration and scaling. I am not focused on the incendiary or antisocial. I dedicate my art to the celebration of the beautiful, whether it be an attractive female form or an abstract kinetic candelabra bringing light to an otherwise dark world. What some may see as primitive or minimalistic, others will see as exquisite and unique. Smoothness, texture, polish, glossiness, cleanness, lack of accidental blemish, fineness and signs of passion and vigor will be represented in my 3-D art forms. Three dimensional art cannot escape the reality that it is a physical object, one that demands space to be presented and time to mature. In the end, it is one of the most ancient art forms that endures man's sense of time. It will carry on indeed.


Bronze Mild Steel Plaster Stone Wood Mixed Media


Bronze Mild Steel Plaster Stone Wood Mixed Media