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Why? Is that what I should ask?
Is why the proper question?
As I walk through the wake of my life,
Is it important to know the reasons?
When the plane landed several years ago,
I thought I had finally arrived.
The newness of the earth and human experience.
It felt uneasy, but not unlike other trips.
The friendlier it became, the less trusting people were.
I found only mistruth and deceit.
Those were the only true realities.
The lies started one summer night in a dream many years ago.
It felt real, so real as so many dreams do.
The mind has the power to change what the spirit knows.
We danced to primitive rhythms.
Pain was transformed into pleasure.
It ended in a false joy that overcame my soul.
As a stream flows down a mountainside and
Fills each ravine and hollow,
My fantasies of love filled each emotional void.
But it was the water of unhappiness and grief,
That welled from my union with her.
She was the passion of an uninvited phantom.
The necessary condition for false love,
Knowledge through psychological thought,
Overcame the truth and created the illusions.
Finding truth through my heart and soul,
Lead to tearing fantasy from reality.
My skin was ripped from my flesh with each new discovery.
Clarity returned and the distortions become sharp.
Each illusion became the mortal weapons of evil.
The path to love is paved
With knowing a human in their most objective form.
To perceive and understand her in her ultimate essence,
Will transcend thoughts and words.

Perhaps, I have arrived.
I know the act of love.

Posted by Kevin Merigian at 1:03 PM
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